Collection: Touhou - Stages Gathering

Pictures with groups of 3 or more same-stage bosses.

Example: A picture of Yamame, Wriggle and Nazrin (Stage 1 bosses)

Includes EX Stage bosses, which have been merged into this pool.

*Characters are from a single stage (ex: post #599038)
*Characters can be from multiple stages (Like 3 Stage 1 and 3 Stage 4) but cannot have one that's out of place (3 Stage 1 and 1 Stage 4) (ex: post #721271)
*In the case of comics, it should make a point of pointing out that's most of the ex/stage x-bosses there. (ex: post #802620)

For all intents and purposes:
*Both Ran and Yukari count for PCB's EX Stage and Mugetsu and Gengetsu count for LLS's EX Stage
*Characters who appeared as the main boss in different stages can be placed in both (ex: Yuuka as 5th or 6th boss or Yuyuko as 1st or 6th boss)
*Penultimate or Last bosses can be counted as the same stage even not having the same "stage number" (ex: Marisa, Chiyuri, Komachi and Iku among the 5th stage bosses)

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