Collection: Touhou - Wan Squad of Gensokyo

Images that include at least 3 of the "dogs"/"awoos" of Touhou:

Kasodani Kyouko, Inubashiri Momiji, Imaizumi Kagerou, Komano Aunn, Mitsugashira Enoko and Inu Sakuya (but not Izayoi Sakuya in her normal form).

Sometimes, the fox characters of Gensokyo are included as well, as they are also canines. These would be Yakumo Ran, Junko and Kudamaki Tsukasa.

Images that do not meet the minimum 3 requirement will be removed. If said characters are the main focus of an image or video, then non relevant characters that are present in it are allowed. NSFW is allowed.

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