Collection: Touhou - Spell Card Tribute

Pictures that show a character using a specific spell card from the Touhou danmaku games.

To qualify, it must be visually obvious which spell card is being used, beyond differences in difficulty level. Pixiv artists will usually tag this type of image with the spell card name and the spell card (スペルカード) tag.

Use discretion when adding images that already have spell card-related tags. Images in this pool need to resemble the spell cards as they appear in the games, not just contain an object that is part of the spell card. See post #140783 for a good example of a Master Spark picture that belongs in this pool. Also, no fighting-game-only spell cards (we don't need to add all 200 Spear the Gungnir images to this pool...)

To search for a specific spell card, go to the comment search and enter the name of the spell card. (Japanese spell card names yield better results)

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