Collection: Kantai Collection - Abyssal Fleet Girls

The fans have long noted a subtle similarity to the Ship Girls, defenders of Humanity, and the Abyssals, the eldritch horrors in human form seeking to destroy Humanity. In fact, certain Princess-Class Abyssals have death lines eerily similar to that of certain Ship Girls.

So what if the two sides are but two sides of the same coin? This collection is for works that follow that line of thought: Your favorite Fleet Girls, as designed as Abyssals.

Note that this pool is not for works that center on one of the canon Abyssals, such as the Wo-Class Carriers, the Northern Ocean Princess, or the others. This is for works that focus on either the Kantai girls themselves being Abyssals (such as the first image of this pool), or suggesting some sort of connection between the two (such as post #1801075).

Art should be reminiscent of in-game designs. SAFE FOR WORK IMAGES ONLY.

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