Collection: Kantai Collection - Tenryuu's Kindergarten

Collection of images of Tenryuu caring for, helping raise, or going on expeditions with the destroyer ship-girls and/or other children. (i.e. Northern Ocean Princess, younger ship-girls, etc.)

In real life, the Tenryuu-Class Light Cruisers were intended to be the flagships of destroyer squadrons, emphasizing speed over armor and firepower. In-game, Tenryuu and Tatsuta have the lowest deployment costs of all light cruisers, and are the weakest of all cruisers, making them useful almost exclusively for escorting destroyers on expeditions. The gap-moe of Tenryuu's tough act combined with her constantly taking care of the child-like destroyers (typically, the ever-popular Akatsuki-class) makes for several types of jokes about her being a doting kindergarten teacher or cool big sis with delusions of being a tough girl.

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