Collection: Kantai Collection - Itou's Fleet

April 6, 1945 - April 7, 1945

A collection of posts that shows the members of the IJN Fleet which participated in Operation Ten-Go (AKA Operation Heaven One) headed by Vice Admiral Itou Seichii, earning the name Itou's Fleet. The objective of the operation was to make their last futile effort to resist an Allied Invasion in Okinawa, Operation Ten-Go was a suicide mission and the last major operation of the IJN in the Pacific.

Members of the Fleet

Yamato, Yahagi, Hamakaze and Asashimo were sunk in battle.
Isokaze and Kasumi were disabled and scuttled afterwards.
Suzutsuki was heavily damaged in the operation, she stayed in the port till the end of the war.
Yukikaze and Fuyutsuki were able to survive with minimum damage.
Hatsushimo never took any damage from the operation, but later sunk after hitting a naval mine.

Posts that are qualified in the pool
  • At least five of the ten members are present in the same picture.
  • Posts that are depicting the operation by any of the members.

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