Collection: Touhou - Sekibanki's Headless Hijinks

Sekibanki, 2nd stage mid-boss and boss from Touhou 14: Double Dealing Character, is a youkai based on rokurokubis (beings who have long necks) and nukekubis (beings who can remove their head). She has the ability to detach her flying head and use it to fire danmaku. Of course, this being Gensokyo, this means that her head (or headless body) will probably be placed in odd situations.

This pool contains ONLY images of Sekibanki placing her detached head (or headless body) in interesting, uncomfortable, or hilarious situations. Selfcest does not count. Simply an image of the head detached from the body will not suffice. If you're curious, see the images below to get a general sense of the theme.

Please note that pictures of Sekibanki Yukkuri will not be accepted in this pool, as it ruins the spirit of hilarity.


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