Series: Girls und Panzer - Operation: More Love Love! Web Edition (Nanashiro Gorou)

Japanese title: ガールズ&パンツァー もっとらぶらぶ作戦です! WEB出張版
Artist: Nii Maruko (aka. Nanashiro Gorou)

Side story 4komas of the official Girls und Panzer manga series "GIRLS und PANZER - Operation: More Love Love!" as hosted on the official site.

Image Processing Instructions
  • 1. Download PDF from website
  • 2. Open PDF with image modification program (e.g. Photoshop, Gimp)
    • a. Resolution: 300 px/in
    • b. Leave height/width as is upon import (~2480 width, ~3449 height)
  • 3. Add a white layer below the imported image
  • 4. Crop the canvas/image
    • a. Height: 3000 px
    • b. Width: 1200 px
  • 5. Move the image
    • a. Side margins: 175 px
    • b. Bottom margin: 150 px
  • 6. Convert colors scheme to grayscale
  • 7. Flatten the image (merge layers)
  • 8. Save as PNG
    • a. Non-interlaced

The last unofficial step would be to compare the saved image with prior images to visually check that the margins are correct. Irfanview can be used for this, opening the image in full-screen and going back and forth between the saved image and the previous image (space/backspace in Irfanview).

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