Collection: Cliffhanger

This pool is for pictures that one would love to see a continuation of, but the artists never made them. Comics that artists intentionally end with cliffhangers and discontinued comics are also applied. Comics with continuations that cannot be found anywhere, even though they exist, do not fit this criteria.

This pool is not the same as the Impending Doom and Digging Your Own Grave pools in the way that those two pools have obvious results with obvious victims. This one applies to pictures where the contents aren't about people going to get hurt, and even if there are people going to get hurt, the victims may not be obvious.

     ╱ │
    ╱  └────────────────────┐ ▗ ▗─┐┌─▖
   ╳        TO BE CONTINUED │ │╲ ╲││╱
    ╲  ┌────────────────────┘ └─▘ ▘▝
     ╲ │
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