Collection: Juicy Details

Pool created for placing mysterious, yet beautiful and suggestive close-ups of various body parts.
Pictures shouldn't show the character's face. However it is okay if it's only partial, or if the character is depicted in a completely separate panel.

Note that this shouldn't include general images of characters being viewed from a particular perspective (from behind, from side, from below, etc.) who merely have their head out of the frame. If you see the majority of their body, then it shouldn't be added to the pool. Examples of what don't belong include post #3901837, post #3893679, and post #3871847. Consider using a from_* and *_focus combination of tags instead. This is strictly for close-ups of a particular body part that are the sole focus of the image. The images in the first page of this pool are great examples of what to look for.

Related tags: head_out_of_frame, close-up

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