Collection: Origins

Pictures that have inspired lasting trends and/or memes. This isn't for the first posted picture of a certain trend on Danbooru, but for the first picture made depicting the trend.

The trends in question do not include parodies of memetic moments/quotes or popular expressions/reactions such as nyoro~n, can't be this cute, and the troll face.

Pictures to add:

  • Pictures that have popularized and/or named a trend (example: post #150779).
  • Pictures that have created a popular alternate persona of an existing character (example: post #209723).
  • Original characters that have become widely known and recognized (example: post #343243).

Pictures to not add:

  • Any anime screencap or manga page from official works that have become memes (example: post #46660).
  • Pictures that have inspired trends within a larger trend (example: Any yukkuri-specific personality or verbal tic).
  • A picture of any specific pairing (however unlikely it is). However, pictures that have inspired a trend regarding that pairing are allowed.
  • Any template that is used as an exploitable (example: post #611057).

Please consider just how popular a trend has gotten before adding it. Just because a certain character has gotten a little attention does not make it popular (example: chigaunsuyo).

Images with expressions or quotes that have become memetic may also be added.

If you come across an origin picture that was created (not posted) earlier than one in this pool, please feel free to replace it.

Pixiv tags: 全てはここから始まった, 全ての元凶 and オリジナル連作(初回)

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