Collection: Madoka - God Damn It Kyubey!

For pictures of Kyubey (the requisite cute-animal of the species Incubator and "mascot" of Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica) trolling, or showing up in places where he's hardly welcome. This can be Kyubey himself, or something that clearly suggests his presence in a scene (such as a shadow or a suggestion of his :3 face). Bonus points if the one he's trolling is the viewer.

Note: It can, of course, be successfully argued by fans of the series that Kyubey isn't welcome ANYWHERE, but this pool should be reserved only for those pictures where even someone not familiar with what Kyubey's really up to would have to roll their eyes. Although there's bound to be some crossover, pictures where violent retribution is administered to Kyubey more correctly belong in pool #2939, "Everybody hates Kyubey" or even pool #1246, "Digging Your Own Grave". As a rule of thumb, if the focus seems to be as much or more on Kyubey than on any violence done to him (or about to be done to him), it's okay for this pool.

Something like this would not belong here, since the Kyubey-face is just sort of there in a relatively benign context. This, on the other hand, is worthy of this pool since he's apparently intruding on what is obviously a private moment -- and as a bonus, look where his face is!

When in doubt, the first row of pictures on the first page are perfect examples of what this is all about. In a nutshell, if something Kyubey says or does makes you say the title of this pool, put it here.

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