Collection: The Birds and the Bees

Can also be known as "The Talk".

This pool is for two kinds of pictures:

1. When characters give The Talk. The Talk can be divided into 2 main stages:
1A. When a character asks how babies are made or how sex works.
1B. The explanation itself of sex or baby-making.

The explanation can be truthful, where they talk about semen going into an egg and such, or it can be a more child-oriented explanation, like about the stork or the birds and the bees. You don't have to have both the asking and The Talk in the same picture but it must be obvious what the situation is.

2. When the characters are so oblivious to how sex works, they DESPERATELY NEED The Talk, such as two women worrying about getting each other pregnant (just assume they can't become futanaris unless stated otherwise and also can't make "science babies" or "magic babies") or someone thinking one can get pregnant through a mere kiss.

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