Collection: Save Me...

Pictures depicting a victim in a situation with a look of either fear, helplessness, despair, or any combination of the three, a look which says "Save me...". The pool's first picture (post #796441) featuring Komeiji Satori shows such a facial expression. If the victim in question actually says something along the lines of "save me" or "help me", that fits here too.

This pool is also valid for pictures depicting victims who are stuck in extremely hopeless, torturing or otherwise undesired situations that seem broken or incredibly scared or unhappy with their predicament.

This pool differs from pool #1446 (Heart-Breaking) and pool #439 (Soul-Crushingly Depressing) where the focus of this pool is significantly narrowed. This pool also differs from pool #1246 (Digging Your Own Grave) where the focus of this pool is on a victim.

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