Collection: Azur Lane - MI6 Please Arrest Ark Royal

On Pixiv as MI6さんこのアーク・ロイヤルです (MI6, Arrest Ark Royal, Please). Refers to the British Secret Intelligence Service (or Military Intelligence, Section 6, hence the name), which is also known in popular culture among other things as James Bond's agency, being asked to arrest Ark Royal when her obsession with destroyers or other cute shipgirls makes her especially misbehave or act very dorky, when she acts like a pedophile or lolicon or if she is called a lolicon.

Among the times this joke appears is in a 4-chapter arc beginning in Chapter 173 of Queen's Orders, when Queen Elizabeth places Ark Royal under actual house arrest when she receives a complaint from Z46 against Ark Royal.


pool #8242Kantai Collection – Nagamon Collection (featuring Nagato)

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