Collection: Umamusume - Baseball Fan McQueen

Posts depicting (explicitly or otherwise) Umamusume's Mejiro McQueen as an avid fan of baseball.

This is a canonical trait, just hidden somewhat, as well as being unexpected for an "ojou-sama" honor roll student archetype like McQueen (leading to a so-called "gap moe" effect for fans aware of this trait).

The official 4koma depicts McQueen as a fan of a baseball team called TAKES (Hanshin Tigers with the serial numbers filed off), while the game switches her over to being a fan of VICTORYS (Hakuwa Victorys). Her favorite player is Yutaka, a double reference to the baseball player Wada Yutaka and her real-life counterpart's jockey Take Yutaka.

Pixiv equivalent tag: やきうのお馬さん "Miss Horsey Baseball Fanatic"

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