Collection: Umamusume - Oguri the Gray Munchster

Posts of Umamusume's Oguri Cap being a gluttonous monster. Usually this involves her eating prodigiously large quantities of food (even by horsegirl standards). Oguri is often drawn with a bloated belly right after or during the process. Frequently also drawn as a background gag with other events happening in the foreground, like in the Umamusume anime.

Similar to Akagi from Kancolle, this gag is sometimes extended to eating things that are not food (e.g. post #4495566), or stealing and/or eating other people's food (e.g. post #4348429). So far she hasn't started eating people yet... though post #4591311 comes dangerously close. She DID!

Avoid automatically adding examples of Oguri merely eating food, even if she is doing so ravenously. It has to be gluttonous in some capacity (depicted or implied) to count. Preferably funny too.

The real-life Oguri Cap (the racehorse) was also a noted glutton, sometimes eating an entire day's allotment of hay in one sitting... before proceeding to vacuum up all the bedding in his stall. Then moving onto weeds. And probably also eating a lot of things along the way that shouldn't be eaten.

Pixiv equivalent tags: モグりキャップ, モグリキャップ, 食べなければ美少女
"Moguri Cap" (Nomming-ri Cap); "MOGURI Cap" (alternate spelling, less populated); "A real beauty when she's not eating" (intended for glutton girls in general but currently filled with nearly nothing but Oguri).

See also
  • Special Week
    • Another notable glutton from the same series, though far less egregious than Oguri. Sometimes drawn together with Oguri with both characters pigging out.
    • Special Week's gag tends to focus more on her having a bloated belly (her real-life horse counterpart also had a tendency to become fat). So most examples of "glutton Special Week" can be found on her own pool, which sometimes overlap with this pool when both characters are involved.
  • Mejiro McQueen
    • Glutton #3.
    • Usually only pigs out on sweets and desserts, and tends to be far more discreet about this compared to the other two. Also has 'proper' table manners.
    • Though sometimes also shown ordering or eating vast quantities of food at McDonald's, as a pun on her name. Again, tends to still maintain proper 'decorum' regardless.
    • However, she does tend to have regrets about gaining weight after eating all of those sweets.
  • Rice Shower
    • Glutton #4.
    • While she isn't as blatant as Oguri or Spe-chan, she is nonetheless established as being on the gluttonous side of horse girls.
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