Series: Original - MBU (Ishiyumi) - Intermissions and Setting Information

WARNING: Pool contains spoilers for the Mechanical Buddy Universe (Ishiyumi) setting.

Official Setting Blurb:

Original title: メカニカル・バディ・ユニバース
Original description: 未来の世界、機械仕掛けの相棒たちの、それぞれのお話

Translated title: Mechanical Buddy Universe
Translated description: A world in the future, a few mechanical buddies, and their assorted stories.

There are four main stories set in this universe:
1. The Story of a Droid
2. Hawkeye in Love
3. The Banshee Cometh
4. Maid Would Want to Protect Her Lady

Along with several crossovers:


This pool is for collecting official intermission art, concept art, and setting information for the MBU-verse. Posts are mostly organized in chronological order of posting (on Twitter). Generally, the deeper you go into this pool, the more spoilers you will find, as they cover events that are revealed later in the setting.

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