Collection: Ship Class Reunion

An image depicting all implemented members of a ship class at the time of drawing, for any game focusing on anthropomorphism of actual ships that existed in the real world. No more than one(1) ship of another class may be present.

1. Akatsuki-class
2. Agano-class
3. Myoukou-class
4. Kongou-class

The ship class must also meet a minimum number of three(3) implemented ships in-game to be eligible for this pool.

In cases where it's ambiguous which ships belong to a particular class due to legitimate sources disagreeing, either interpretation is acceptable. For example it's debatable whether the Akatsuki-class destroyers should be considered a class unto themselves or a sub-class of the Fubuki-class. A post that contains only the 4 Akatsuki-class qualifies for this pool, as does a "full" Fubuki-class picture that excludes them, or a full Fubuki-class picture that includes them. But a picture of the Fubuki-class that only includes some of the Akatsuki-class would not.

Similarly, if some members of a class were converted to a completely different type of ship and thus designated as a new class (ie 9 Cleveland-class cruisers were converted during construction to become the Independence-class aircraft carriers), they can be treated in the same manner as sub-classes described above.

For a specific class reunion, search for the pool and the nameship of the class, like so and such.

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